Mark Six Hong Kong Lottery Results

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There are three draws a week for Hong Kong’s lottery. The draw is announced on television, radio, and the lottery’s website. If you want to learn more about this lottery, you should read the whitepaper on the website. The draws are held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The results are announced on Sunday at 09:30 PM.

Mark Six Lottery

Players can purchase tickets for the Mark Six Lottery in Hong Kong from official betting offices or from online retailers. Each ticket costs HK$10, or HK$5 if you are participating in the Partial Unit Investment (PUI) option. These tickets scale the advertised prize amount by 50%. Ticket sales close at 21:15 HKT on the day of the draw and reopen shortly after. You can find the most recent results of the Mark Six lottery here.

Mark Six Snowball Draws

During the winter months, the Mark Six lottery organizes special draws. These draws are usually held around specific holidays and offer larger jackpots. Each draw also allocates 9% of the prize fund to the Snowball fund.

Mark Six ticket prices

The Mark Six lottery is the most popular game in Hong Kong. The drawing is held three times a week, and each draw is made up of six numbers and one bonus ball. Matching six of the six numbers will win you the jackpot. You can also win by matching several numbers and the bonus ball. You can purchase your tickets online or at Off-Course Betting Branches.

Mark Six Quick Pick

The Mark Six lottery is one of the most popular games in Hong Kong and draws a large number of players from across China. The game involves picking six numbers from a pool of one to 49. The drawings are televised three times a week. You can purchase a ticket for HK$10 a line, with some betting methods allowing you to purchase partial entries. The lottery is open to players who are at least 18 years old.

Mark Six results

Mark Six results are available online shortly after each draw. You can find the results for each drawing year by selecting a year in the navigation menu. Draws are typically held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. However, there are some exceptions, including horse race meetings, which push the weekend draw to Sunday. You can find a summary of the most recent results in the table below, or you can go back in time with the “More Previous Results” button.

Mark Six jackpots exceed HK$100 million

Hong Kong’s Mark Six lottery has a reputation for encouraging problem gambling. According to City University of Hong Kong’s John Tse Wing-ling, the massive prize can trigger a destructive habit. He argues that the promotion of the prize, along with the means to bet and the propaganda used to promote the game, are all contributing factors to the increased numbers of people playing the lottery. As a result, responsible betting organizations should avoid encouraging gamblers to spend more money than they can afford.